Kesik Minare Mosque

Today, worship that is not open to him; but the icons shown between dashed minaret Mosque, Antalya, is one of the places which are visited by tourists who come to the city.

Has a long history, with a dashed minaret Mosque. Although it was constructed as a church in the first period II. His son was converted into a mosque by Sultan Beyazit korkut. XIX. century spent in the partial cut of the minaret minaret Mosque after the fire it became known as the tree lights. In 1974, a religious structure which is a mosque with a unique minaret dashed last has been restored.

The structure of the original Roman temple and later on in the Byzantine era, the Roman was converted into a church with 5 naves using ingredients. Barrel-vaulted Church of the monastery is divided into two vaults from the middle. plan The location of martek as to give is so obvious. Even further, it is known that the Seljuks in the period of repair. Converted into the principal Mosque of Prince korkut (1470-1509). So, in some sources it is also known as korkut Camii. This repair to the front of the portal to the western part reviewed. The southern part Square the same height as the Chair of the part of the minaret portal and minarets were added. The mosque, which was destroyed by fire in 1314, in 1974, a new rate has seen more than I have. “Friday mosque” also known as broken minaret in the church dedicated to the Virgin Mary, and the Church of Panagia is called.

Also in Antalya, it is the first Mosque of the Turks.