Antalya Murat Paşa Mosque

In the centre of Antalya muratpasa located within the boundaries of the town Mosque.

How in the Ottoman period, was built in 1570, although the traces of the Seljuk Mosque calligraphy art are evident. Many in Anatolia and Turkish-Islamic Art can be seen in the use of materials that were consulted in the construction of the mosque. Located in the back of the narthex, especially, the Corinthian columns and their titles according to the regulations that have been made in the architectural works of the most obvious re-used materials.

In this period of Ottoman history that are associated with the presence of Murat Pasa mosque in Antalya built a two about the person who has created confusion. Many years by kuyucu Murat Pasa Mosque the mosque of evliya çelebi way with the name of if mentioned, in recent years, the data obtained, the mosque of the Ottoman Empire vizier kuyucu Murat paşa made during this period recognized by the administration and oppressive built by Murat paşa Karaman Bey has revealed you didn't have.